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6:27 PM

PSP Live TV 0.4 – Watch streaming live TV on your PSP

* Updated version 0.4 released, Fixes the bug before causing the TV streams to fail.

PSP developer Nickxab has release PSP Live TV, a homebrew application derived from PSPTube that lets you play 52 TV stream on your PSP. Worth checking out if your after a bit of the old telly on the go.

Release text:

########WHAT IS THIS ? ########

This an application that lets you to watch TV in yur psp with the wifi.
It is a modification of the PSPTube that can play some streams.
Now it contains 52 TV streams.

##### INSTALATION ######

Copy the PSP folder in the memory stick root.
Now for the streams.
Open the folder called "streams” that contained in the archieve and you will see
some folders with names from countres.Take the channel(s) you want and put it/them
in the favorites folder in the /PSP/GAME/PSP LIVE TV/ folder.
Also there is a folder called "” that has the streams from the j13dj’s version.

####### THANKS ########
j13dj for the config file and his streams.
SofiyaCat for his incredible PSPTube.
Dark Alex,M33 team,Gen team and all the CFW developers for their incredible CFWs.
All the developers that i forgot.
And also all the people that will use this app.
Sorry if i forgot someone.Tell me and i will add him. ;)

FX Powerspoof v0.3 Plugin – Spoof your battery is 100%

PSP developer NoEffex has released a PRX plug-in. As its name suggests lets you spoof your battery level in or to apply patches and updates. Why would you need that? Well if your battery is on its last legs or you don’t have a charger handy and really need to update a game, you can bypass that "Your battery must be 75% or more before you can update” message and get on with playing. No need to wait an hour for your battery to charge.

Its recommend that in order to avoid any data corrupt errors that you use your power adapter as well.

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